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Ruski Vohun Chords
Ruski Vohun

Luna in zvezde, 
D         Bm
mesto in luči 
oblak prekril je nebo,
D          Bm 
v sobi je temno.

Prizgem luč,
         D          Bm 
ugasnem in spet prizgem
dan in noč, noč in dan,
    D       Bm
ker dan je noč.

G           D
Povedal ti bom, 
     Em   C        G
kaj je narobe z mano
   D     Em  C       G 
zunaj stoji ruski vohun,
   D     Em C        G 
zunaj stoji in se smeji.

G D Em C G
Čaka me 
zabava se!

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About the artist behind Ruski Vohun Chords:

Niet was a punk rock and hardcore punk band from Ljubljana, Slovenia. They were one of the most iconic and influential music groups of the Slovenian punk movement and the Punk in Yugoslavia in general. The band was active from 1983 to 1988, from 1993 to 1994 and was revived in 2008.

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