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Topics Chords
Verse 1:
She spent the night out with a guy
            Ab                                C#
Who gives attention when she cries herself to sleep
I heard her say
So, she gives him what he wants
   Ab                            C#
As long as he can make her feel okay
               Bbm Ab
But she's not okay

We avoid the topics
We make the kids have secrets
When they are exposed
And everyone else knows
We'll say we never knew it
That they had a problem
'Cause if we would have known
   C#                Ab
We surely would have solved it
       Bbm         C#  F#
But we can't, it's too late
          Bbm         C#  F#
I said we can't, it's too late

Verse 2:
He's skipping classes 'cause he hates them
             Ab                           C#
And hopes he passes not to take them all again
I heard him say
He escapes them with the pills
            Ab                                C#
The ones he takes to make him feel like he's okay
             Bbm Ab
But he's not okay


God, You've got to save us
   F#                            Bbm        F#    Bbm/F#
We hide behind the faces that we make to disguise
The things that we're ashamed of
    F#                               Bbm       Ab   G#sus
And all the ugly things that make us close our eyes
             C#        F#
They make us close our eyes
          Bbm       F#
Why do we close our eyes?


end on Ab
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About the artist behind Topics Chords:

Nevertheless is a Christian power-pop band from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Their song "Live Like We're Alive" reached the top 5 of the R&R Christian Rock Chart.[1], Their song "The Real," was played on Contemporary Christian Music radio stations, peaking in the Top 10 on radio stations thoroughout the United States.[2]

The band has toured with many other contemporaries from the Christian rock scene, including Superchick, Skillet, Hawk Nelson, Falling Up, and Number One Gun.

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