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Galaxies Chords
Capo 1st Fret

Verse 1
D                   G
   What you now are seeking,
Em             A
   Hope to realize.
D                         G
   Don't give it till the weekend
                Em                                             A
   It will take weeks, months, years, it will take you your whole life

Verse 2
                  D                          G
   Cuz' its not a question of the convalescing kind.
            Em                        A
   It's the thought that lives in the back of your mind.
           D                              G
   It is a story told with many different endings;
   Em                               A
   Somehow it will always sound the same.

Verse 3
                 D                                          G
   It's like the dreams we chase these days, and well, they all have patents pending,
       Em                                 A
   But none of them ever seem to hold your name,
                              D         G       Em Em A    Em Em A
   Your name, your name, your name.

Verse 4

D                 A               D                 A
   So we tried to figure out why you never think about anything smaller than
Em Em A    Em Em A
         D              A              D               A
   While you spend eons wondering what happened to our thundering;
        Em Em A    Em Em A
   It's gone.



Outro (repeat x4)

G D A  G D A

D A D A (where the 'oooooohs' are)
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