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Flea The Fleet - Told You So Tab


C9        A         C9     A          Em   
PRE-CHORUS: She's in love with feeling loved, it feels so

G      C9            A        C9                    Em    
great\ He'll wait to doom her faith, tell her what's real is

Am   C   C9\G
really fake\

G               C9                 Em
Chorus: When all hope is gone, with no distraction or

G                         G5            Em
diversion\ When you're reaching for the gun, just give me

Am           C               Em
your attention\ You'll be my intention, I'll be your only one,

C9                G
we'll reach towards the sun\

Em    C9    C9\G      G     Em     C9              C9\G
VERSE 2: How doesn't he go insane? His brain's trained to feel no 
 G      Em     C9      C9\G                    G
shame\ Her heart's dying, while trying to find a flame\

Em     C9    C9\G                G           Em       C9
She's crying from losing after being played\ She gave to

C9\G         G                Em        C9        C9\G
much, he'll make her pay\ There's no retake on mistakes

already made\



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