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Dan Deemert - Dont Close The Line Chords - Misc Unsigned Bands

Dan Deemert - Dont Close The Line Chords
This is my first attempt at writing a song. I wrote it for my late father-in-law (who
passed away suddenly on Jan 6/09) and also for my oldest son. Just so the song makes more
sense - my father-in-law was really close to my oldest son. At only 8 years old he let
him drive his boat around the lake (with him in it of course). I used to walk on eggshells
around this man before my son was born. He came across as a very stern Scotsman. My son
changed him in every positive way. It's unfortunate that his cancer progressed so
quickly that there was no chance to say a proper goodbye. My son was very upset. Mostly 
because he was hoping to help grandpa finish off a model train set. I wrote this from my sons
perspective. What may have been the interaction between Granddad and Grandson had there
been a bit more time.

I left it in strictly chord form as it is well open to interpretation and most of it is
picked and not strummed.  Suggestions and comments are welcome.

Hope you enjoy it.

Song For David - Don't Close The Line

Riff  - Dsus4 / D / Dsus2 / Dsus4
Riff2 - Dsus4 / D / Dsus4

A    D          Rif            G          A
His eyes opened slowly at the touch of my hand.
   D                  Riff          G             A
He said, I'm happy to see you, I'm glad that you came.
    Em          G              Riff2            A
Hi Grandpa.  I came to see if you were feeling well
 Em              G            Asus4      D
Things could be better, and this I will tell.

A            D              Riff         G              A
You are the softness in my heart and my heart longs to stay,
       D        Riff          G     A
But my body is pulling me the other way.
  Em                G         Riff2 A
Although time is be short and often unkind.
G            Asus4     D
Please don't close the line.

A  D            Riff              G              A
My thoughts travelled back to the things we once did.
     D           Riff           G       A
Like boating and fishing, I was a lucky kid.
   Em           G        Riff2     A
To see him like this was just so unfair.
    Em          G        Asus4       D
The questions I had were too hard to bare.

G               Em               Riff2 A
Who will be my captain when I'm on the lake?
G                 Em             Riff2    A
Will you be there to help me eat birthday cake?
F#m                  D        Bm           A
The train is not yet done and I just don't know.
G                Em         Asus4           D
I'm too young to understand why you need to go.

D                Riff         G           A
He said, You have always been a brave young lad.
     D            Riff          G            A
Take care of your brother, your mom and your dad.
     Em              G         Riff2    A
I'll be there on the wind when you turn nine.
    G            Asus4     D
And please don't close the line.

D               Riff        G            A
Tears filled my eyes at the words he did say.
   D             Riff         G         A
He laid his head down and his hand slid away.
   Em           G          Riff2        A
So much left to do but I'm glad I could be
    Em     G        Asus4                D
The boy he chose to share his world with me.

D         Riff         G          A
As I turned to walk away, a note I did find.
        D   Riff      G          A
Written by a hero, a champion of mine.
  Em              G       Riff2          A
I went through it once and at the end it said,
Em               G        Asus4           D
What I longed to hear and this is what it read.

G              Em           Riff2          A
You are the softness in my heart and my heart yearns to stay.
     G         Em                Riff2      A
I'll always be with you when you go on your way.
F#m             D             Bm            A
I will love you forever and I hope that you find,
    G            Em              Asus4      D
The tools that I left for you to finish the line.
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