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Coconut Pete - Pinacoladaberg Chords
From "Club Dread"
Hilarious.  The strumming pattern is a full strum, a muted strum, and two quick 
strums on each chord.  You can cheat and just do full/mute/full/mute and it sounds pretty good.

They call me the mayor,
Cause I spend all my days here,
G                         A
And you would too, if you knew what I know.

Got a tropical treat,
Sucked straight from the coconut's teat.
G                                   A
When mixed just right it makes your short hairs grow.

Got a hole in my straw hat,
two tires on my jeep flat.
G                     A
Maybe today I'll stay out of the sun.

But the ladies are flockin',
That means it's time to start cockin',
G                             A
That brain-freeze nectar that fills my fun-gun!

A           D            E
Pour still another glass,
In Pinacoladaberg.
A                   D                E
Coconut milk with a pineapple splash.
Don't forget that the Rum comes third!

A               D         E
Passed out flat on my ass,
In Pinacoladaberg!
A                     D            E
Blood-shot eyes and a "sorba" stash
Mouth tastes like pinata turd.

A            D            E
Promised I'd take it slow,
'round In Pinacoladaberg.
A                    D                E
Booze-soaked lava is starting to flow,
Guess I'll have to drink my words.

A            D           E
With bikinis to my right,
God bless Pinacoladaberg!!
A                             D               E
This loud mouth soup makes my head feel light 
Makes me feel like a dirty bird!

A                       D 
Dang - these drinks are strong 
E                          A
Shouldn't have smoked that bong!
        E                      A 
Now I'm too drunk to sing this song  
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