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Spancil Hill Chords
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Spancil Hill chords
Irish Traditional

Capo I

Am G Am

Am                  G                               Am   
Last night as I lay dreaming, of pleasant days gone by,
                                   C             G
Me mind being bent on rambling, to Ireland I did fly,
  Am                           C               G
I stepped aboard a vision, and followed with a will,
      Am              G                               Am
And I shortly came to anchor, at the cross on Spancil Hill.

Am                G                        Am
It being the 23rd of June, the day before the fair,
                                      C                G
When Irelands' sons and daughters, in crowds assembled there,
The young and the old, the brave and the bold,
C                    G                Am           G                              Am
Came their joy to fulfill, there were jovial conversations at the fair at Spancil Hill.

Am             G                                  Am
I went to see my neighbors, to hear what they might say,
                                         C                  G
The old ones were all dead and gone, the young ones turning gray,
  Am                                  C            G
I met with the tailor Quigley he's as bald as ever still,
        Am              G                                Am
Sure he used to make me britches when I lived in Spancil Hill.

Am            G                          Am
I paid a flying visit to my first and only love,
                                  C           G
She s as white as any lily and as gentle as a dove,
    Am                               C                 G
She threw her arms around me, saying Johnny I love you still,
          Am               G                                  Am             
Oh, she's Nell the farmers daughter and the flower of Spancil Hill.

Am                 G                             Am
I dream t I held and kissed her, as in the days of yore,
                                        C                  G
She said Johnny you're only joking like many's the times before,
    Am                           C                  G
The cock he crew the morning, he crew both loud and shrill,
       Am          G                               Am
And I awoke in California, many miles from Spancil Hill.


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