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Hercules - Zero To Hero Chords
Standard Tuning

F    Bbsus/C     F      Bbsus/C

F              Eb/F             F

Bless my soul, Herc was on a roll

Eb/F          F/A            Bb           Bb/D

Person of the week in ev'ry Greek opinion poll

F           Eb/F               F

What a pro, Herc could stop a show

Eb/F           F/A                 Bb       Bm7b5

Point him at a creature and we're talkin' S.R.O.

C7sus4              F

He was a no one, a zero, zero

C7sus4                F

Now he's a hot shot, he's a hero

C7sus4                   A7        Dm

Here was a kid with his act down pat

Gm7  F/A   Bb  Bm7b5  Bb/C       F

From zero to hero,        in no time flat

Gm7  F/A   Bb  Bm7b5  Bb/C       F

Zero to her,               just like that

Bb      Bb/D   Bb/F   C          C/E  C/G  F    Gm7         G#dim7

When he smiled the girls went wild with ooooohs and ahhhhhs

F/A      Bb        Bb/D  Bb/F  C    C/E   C  F  Gm7 G#dim7

And they slapped his face on every vase, on every vase

A7                Dm             A7                Dm

From appearence fees and royalties, our Herc had cash to burn.

G7            G7sus4/A    Bbm6     G7/B       C7/sus                  D7

Now nou-veau riche  and famous and he could tell you what's Grecian Urn

G          G/F          G

Say amen, here he goes again

F/G            G/B          C      C/E      D/F#

Sweet and undefeated and an awesome 10 for 10

G          F/G           G

Folks lined up just to watch him flex

F/G               G/B               C              C#dim

and this perfect package packed a pair of perfect pecs

Dsus4                    G

Herc-ie, he comes, he sees, he conquers

D7sus4         G

Honey, the crowds go bonkers,

D7sus4    B   B7     Em

He showed the moxie, brains and spunk

Am    G  C    A7/C#  C/D     G

From zero to hero, a major hunk

Am7     C      A7/#   D7sus4   G

Zero to hero, and who'd a thunk?

Interlude:  C/G  G  C/G  G  C/G  G  C/G  G

C   C/G     C       C/G

Who put the Glad in Gladiator? Hercules!

C   C/G     C       C/G

Who's daring deeds are great theater? Hercules!

Bb   Eb  Bb        Eb/Bb  D7   Csus2/E       Fdim7  D7/F#

Is he bold? No one's braver! Is he sweet? our favorite flavor!

G G7/B C D7sus4

Hercules!  (6x) 
G                  G/B                C

Bless my soul, Herc was on a roll Undefeated,

G                      G/B

Riding high, and the nicest guy, not conceited

D7sus4             F

He was a nothing, a zero, zero

D7sus4             F

Now hes a honcho, he's a hero

D7sus4                 B7       Em

He hit the heights at break neck speed

A7  G/B C C#dim C C/D     A7  G/B C C#dim C C/D

From zero to hero,         Herc is a hero

A7  G/B C C#dim C D7sus4      D           G7

Now he's a hero.             Yes Indeed!
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