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What A Crying Shame Tab
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Tabbed by John Shaw ([email protected])

   G        D   C 

1st Verse
G        D       C    G        D    C
Wasn't I good to you, Didn't I show it 
G        D         C    G        D    C
And if I ever hurt you, I didn't know it 
G            D       C     G           D  C
If you think I don't care, Then you're mistaken 
G            D       C    G           D           C
My love was always there, But now my heart's breakin'

G         D         C      G       
(Oh) baby oh what a crying shame 
    D         C     G       
To let it all slip away 
    D         C    G       
And call it yesterday 
G          D          C      G       
Oh baby my life would be so blue 
    D           C        G       
My heart would break in two 
D         C    G       
Oh what a crying shame

2nd Verse
G          D          C   G            D    C
'Cause I believed in you     From the beginning 
G              D         C    G                   D C
I thought our love was true     But now it's all ending


BREAK (12 String)
   A          C           A         C    D    G


(Intro on top of...)
D         C    G       
Oh what a crying shame (Repeat....)

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About the artist behind What A Crying Shame Tab:

The Mavericks was a Grammy Award-winning alternative country music band founded in 1989 in Miami, Florida, United States.

Between 1991 and 2003 they recorded six studio albums, in addition to charting fourteen singles on the U.S. Billboard country charts. Their highest-peaking single was 1996's "All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down", a collaboration with accordionist Flaco Jimenez.

Lead singer Raul Malo now records as a solo artist, while former drummer Jaime Hanna has joined Jonathan McEuen in the duo Hanna-McEuen.

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