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Real Life Chords
Real Life 
by Lincoln Brewster and Mia Fieldes

If you're not familiar with the song, you may have to arrange the chords exactly 
where they're played since there are a couple spots where the words get kinda 
tricky.  Otherwise, enjoy!

Intro: G   D/F#  C

I still see the kid in me
Building castles by the sea
C 										G
And skipping rocks across those ocean waves
Still building buoy rafts
And sailing on the Kachemak
C 									G
And running wild across Alaskan plains

Bm  			  C  			  G/D    D
And all my yesterdays don't seem so long ago now
Bm  			  C  			  
And all those early years 
G/D    				   D 
will always seem like home somehow

G		    		   D/F#
And it was real life, and it was real good
It was a place I took for granted 
			G/D			    D
'cause I just never understood
				G		      			D/F#
And there was real pain, there were real tears
But the way my Mama loved me 
			G/D			    D
somehow carried all those years
		G	D/F#  C			     G   D/F#   C
It was real life, 		 Oh it was real life

I still see the kid in jeans
But now he's standing next to me
C 										G
Never thought that I'd have boys to raise
I don't have it figured out
It still feels like playing house
C 										G
And it's something I am learning everyday

Bm  		 C  			  		    G/D    		D
And all of my todays seem like they're rushing by so fast
 Bm  		  C  			    G/D    		     D 
And every time I look around I pray that it will last

G		    		D/F#
And it's real life, and it's real good
And sometimes I take it all for granted 
	     G/D			     D
even though I never should
			  G		      				D/F#
And there is real pain, and there are real tears
But the way my baby loves me 
			G/D			    D
somehow carries all these years
			G	D/F#   
And this is real life

Interlude: Em  C  G  D (2x)  	C

When I'm old and turning grey
And my boys have moved away
C 									G
When it's time for me to say goodbye
I hope I leave a legacy
I hope that God is proud of me
C 										G
I hope that I leave something good behind

Bm  		 C  			  	   G/D    				D
And all my yesterdays are flashing right before my eyes
  Bm  		  		C  			    G/D    	 D 
And I'm standing in God's presence when I finally realize

G		    	  D/F#
This is real life, this is real good
	    C									 G/D	D
It's a place I took for granted 'cause I just never understood
				G		      			  D/F#
And there'll be no pain, and there'll be no tears
		 	C					  		   G/D 		 D
'Cause the way my Father loves me is the reason I am here
		G	D/F#  C			     G   D/F#   C
This is real life, oh this is real life
		G	D/F#  C
Oh this is real life
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About the artist behind Real Life Chords:

Lincoln Brewster (born July 30, 1971 in Fairbanks, Alaska) is a Christian music artist and pastor. A multi-talented guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Brewster became a sought-after session guitarist in the early 90s.

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