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Summers Day Song Chords
		Summer's Day Song - Paul McCartney
Tabbed by: maguri
Tuning: Standard

Paul McCartney
Summer's Day Song (1980)
(Paul McCartney)
From: "McCartney II"


F/A     1-1-2-3-0-x
C#dim   x-5-3-5-4-x
Dm/C    1-3-2-x-3-x
Csus4   1-1-0-3-3-x


Someone's sleeping
          F/A Bb  C
Through a bad dream
  C              Bb F   Bb
Tomorrow it will be over
        C          C#dim   Dm   Dm/C  Bb
For the world will soon be waking
     Csus4 C7    F
To a sum-  mer's day

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