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Libertango Chords
Chords used;

Am 002210
A/B 024440
Am/G 302210
Am/Em 022210
Am7 002010
Bm 224432
F 133211
F#m7b5 202210

Once you've got the chords (which are pretty easy), the song is really simple.

Am A/B
A/G Am/Em
Am A/B
A/G Am/Em

Strange, I've seen that face before
Seen him hanging round my door
Like a hawk stealing for the prey
Like the night waiting for the day

Strange, he shadows me back home
Footsteps echo on the stone
Rainy nights on Haussmann Boulevard
Parisian music drifting from the bars


Tu cherches quoi (What are you looking for?)
A rencontrer la mort? (to meet your death?)
Tu te prends pour qui? (Who do you think you are?)
Toi aussi, tu detestes la vie (You hate life too)

Am7 Bm Am
F Am
Am A/B
F#m7b5 Am/Em

Dance in bars and restaurants
Home with anyone who wants
Strange, he's standing there alone
Staring eyes chill me to the bone

Dans sa chambre (In her room)
Joelle et sa valise (Joelle and her suitcase)
Un regard sur ses fringues (a glance at her clothes)
Sur les murs des photos sans regret (on the walls some pictures without regrets)
Sans melo?, la porte est claquee (without melodrama, the door is shut) ?
Joelle est barre (Joelle is gone) ?

Hope it's ok! If it doesn't work, try capo 2.

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Quick tip, so you can enjoy Libertango Chords even more:

You might want to transpose the song if it is too high or too low for you to sing. Just click the desired option while playing a song and all the chords will automatically be transponded into a new key.

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