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The Green Fairy Chords
(not sure about the lyrics, I found them somewhere on the internet)

Oh green fairy
What you've done to me
There's a nothing in the sky
Waiting to get high

I went up for some milk
Three days ago
Now they crowd me in the street
You knock me off my feet

Fm    E
Ah ah ah
      Bm    Ab     C#
Ah ah ah ah ah aha ha
Ah ah ah ha ah

C#m         Ab
Here's that romance...
C#m                Ab
Leaning toward her mind
Do you love
Like you love her
When you're gone

C#m                     Abm
May today I got someone prettier than
I got the eyes of a mad man
I cannot run

How does it feel to live a life
Where nothing is real,
So just send me
Down the river

C#m       Ab
Pride and romance
C#m               Ab
Kill the one you love
     B                     F#
Your mind.. makes you much older
Then you're gone

C#m                     Abm
I am not gonna wait for tomorrow
   F#                            Abm
I just sit back and wait for the sign
C#m                         Abm
I am not gonna celebrate my freedom
        F#               Abm
So just send me down the river

Na na na
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na
Na na na na

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About the artist behind The Green Fairy Chords:

Kasabian are an English rock band from Leicester, formed by Tom Meighan (vocals), Sergio Pizzorno (guitar and vocals), Chris Edwards (bass), Chris Karloff (Keyboards and Guitar) and Ash Hannis (drums) who left shortly before the release of the first album. During the recording of the band's second album, the drummer Ian Matthews became a permanent member. Shortly after this, Chris Karloff was asked to leave due to "creative differences".

The band members are from the Leicestershire villages of Blaby and Countesthorpe. They met whilst attending Leysland High School and Countesthorpe Community College.

The band took their name from Linda Kasabian, the young pregnant girl who drove the car in which Charles Manson escaped after the murder in the house of Sharon Tate, the wife of Roman Polanski. Also, Kasabian means butcher in Armenian

The band has been compared with the likes of Primal Scream, with whom they share an electronica-indie rock fusion, and The Stone Roses and Oasis, with whom they share confidence, swagger and rough vocal style. [1]

Their music is often compared with "Madchester" group the Stone Roses in music magazines such as NME, though the band have disputed their labelling as a "Madchester" band as "lazy journalism"[2].

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