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I Had A Dream Chords
This is the tab for "I Had A Dream" by John B. Sebastian. 
I am tabbing the LIVE VERSION FROM WOODSTOCK, not the original. 
I thought it was a beautiful song, and the other tabs already 
on the website had a few errors, so I decided to try it out.


I had a dream last night 
What a lovely dream it was 
I dreamed we all were alright 
Happy in a land of Oz

Am        F
Why did everybody laugh 
When I told them my dream?
Am            F
I guess they all were so far 
From that kind of scene
Feeling mean


I heard a song last night 
What a lovely song it was 
I thought IŽd hum it all night 
Unforgettable because

Dm         E            F         G
All of the players were playing together 
Dm             E            F          G
And all of the heavies were light as a feather 
C                      Dm
All I'll remember is a feeling tomorrow 
    G               F              G
And as I recall the rest will just follow

I had a dream last night 
What a lovely dream it was
What a lovely dream it was
What a lovely dream it was

(Repeat Cmaj7 until fade) 
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About the artist behind I Had A Dream Chords:

John Sebastian (born John Benson Sebastian on 17 March 1944, in Greenwich Village, New York City) is an American songwriter and harmonica player. He is best known as a founder of The Lovin' Spoonful, a band named in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His tie-dyed denim jacket is prominently displayed there.

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