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First Christmas Tab
First Christmas - Stan Rogers - Between the Breaks...Live!
Tabbed by: Dave

Tuning: Drop D (D A D G B e)

INTRO (its not exactly right but it sounds nice)

D                                       A  

Bm       A        G                   D

A                                       Bm

Em                                    G                    Asus4      A           D       

D                          A
This day a year ago he was rolling in the snow 
       Bm      A       G               D
With a younger brother in his father's yard
A                                   Bm
Christmas break a time for touching home 
                      Em            A
The heart of all he'd known and leaving was so hard  
      D                            A
Three thousand miles away now he's working Christmas Day 
       Bm     A            G              D
Making double time for the minding of the store 
          A                               Bm
Well he'd always said he'd make it on his own 
He's spending Christmas Eve alone
      G          A        D
First Christmas away from home

D                                    A
She's standing by the train station, panhandling for change 
          Bm      A      G                 D
Four more dollars buys a decent meal and a room 
A                                    Bm
Looks like the Sally Ann place after all
                      Em           A
In a crowded sleeping hall that echoes like a tomb 
         D                                     A
But it's warm and clean and free and there are worse places to be 
       Bm       A        G                D
And at least it means no beating from her Dad 
A                                       Bm
And if she cries because it's Christmas Day 
She hopes that it won't show 
      G          A        D
First Christmas away from home

A                                                        D
In the apartment stands a tree and it looks so small and bare 
         G               D
Not like it was meant to be 
A                                                  Bm
The Golden Angel on the top it's not that same old silver star 
You wanted for your own 
      G          A        D
First Christmas away from home

D                                         A
In the morning they get prayers then it's Crafts and tea downstairs 
       Bm    A         G             D
Then another meal back in his little room 
       A                                 Bm                      Em
Hoping maybe that the boys will think to phone before the day is gone 
Well it's best they do it soon 
         D                                  A
When the old girl passed away he fell more apart eyery day 
         Bm     A        G            D
Each had always kept the other pretty well 
        A                                  Bm
But the kids all said the nursing home was best 
Cause he couldn't live alone
      G          A        D
First Christmas away from home

In the Common Room they've got the biggest tree 
And it's huge and cold and lifeless 
         G           D
Not like it ought to be 
And the lit-up flashing Santa Claus on top 
                       Bm                                 Em
It's not that same old silver star you once made for your own 
      G          A        D
First Christmas away from home
       G          A        D
First Christmas away from home

| h   hammer-on
| p   pull-off
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About the artist behind First Christmas Tab:

Stanley Allison "Stan" Rogers (November 29, 1949 – June 2, 1983) was a Canadian folk musician and songwriter.

Rogers was noted for his rich, baritone voice and his finely-crafted, traditional-sounding songs which were frequently inspired by Canadian history and the daily lives of working people, especially those from the fishing villages of the Maritime provinces and, later, the farms of the Canadian prairies and Great Lakes. Rogers died in a fire aboard Air Canada Flight 797 on the ground at the Greater Cincinnati Airport at the age of 33. His influence on Canadian folk music has been deep and lasting.

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