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Dangling Conversation Chords
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The Dangling Conversation chords
Simon & Garfunkel

Capo III

C G D  G D C  C G Em

C          G     D
It's a still life water color
     C        G    D
Of a now late afternoon
       C          G           Am
As the sun shines through the curtain lace
    G                Em
And shadows wash the room
And we sit and drink our coffee
F                              E
Cast in our indifference, like shells upon the shore
You can hear the ocean roar
       C        G     D               G    D      C
In the dangling conversation, and the superficial sighs
                   G    Em  
The borders of our lives

C         G     D
And you read your Emily Dickenson
    C    G      D
And I my Robert Frost
       C        G          Am
And we note our place with bookmarkers
     G                  Em
That measure what we've lost
Like a poem poorly written
       F                     E
We are verses out of rhythm, Couplets out of rhyme
In syncopated time
        C        G     D               G    D      C
And the dangling conversation, And the superficial sighs
                       G     Em  
Are the borders of our lives

C        G           D
Yes we speak of things that matter
     C          G       D
With words that must be said
    C     G     Am
Can analysis be worthwhile
       G              Em
Is the theater really dead?
And how the room is softly faded
      F                        E
And I only kiss your shadow, I cannot feel your hand
You're a stranger now unto me

C        G     D               G    D      C
Lost in the dangling conversation, And the superficial sighs
                      G     Em   
In the borders of our lives


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