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The Difference Chords
The Difference
Joel Davies & Ben Fielding

Verse 1:
You are the difference in us
                  F#m               D
You've broken the past and set us apart
You caused the darkness to end
                F#m                 D
You lifted our heads to know You again

Lord, You bring us to life
In You, our hope will arise

 A                                      D
We are found, there's nothing that can hold us down
With anything against us
We know Your love will be the difference, be the difference
     A                           D
You give and take, still we will go Your way
All our fear is in the distance 
We know Your love will be the difference, be the difference

Verse 2:
You defied reason with love
Took the fall meant for us, You alone are enough
Though we were destined to fail
You opened the way and broke every chain

A                          D
You awaken our hearts, to You we owe what we are
            F#m                E                D
You're the change in us, the change in us, we know
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