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Someone To Love Chords
Someone to love
by hey Marseilles

Standard tuning
Capo on 4th fret

G     C*

h = hammer on

listen to the song for timing or you can watch it here 

intro: C


C                   G
The summer sun will set she said
Am                         G
If you leave it up there long
C                   G
Take its beams and moon-time dreams
Am                 G
Leave town and be gone

C                          G
I guess you can call that truth
Am              G
I will call it lie
F                 G
I will think of times gone by
C                    G
When you and I were fine
F                G               C
I will hold those days up to my eye


F        G              C
Sometimes I don't know what you were thinking of
F   G                     C        C*   C*
All I want is someone to love

(repeat chord progression of 1st verse
and chorus)

Take your time and talk to him
It matters not at all
I will give you time enough
To know him very well

I am locking down the house
Staring at the wall
All I want to do today is sleep like I once could
If you could give me that
That'd be good

Sometimes I don't what you were thinking of
All I want is someone to love
All I want is someone to love
F        G              C          
And you were pretty good to love
F        G              C         
And you were pretty good to love

Outro:  C* C* C*
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