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Air Mata Chords
Intro: A  B  D  C#  F#m  F#m7-5  C# (2x)
       A  E  F#m  E  D  A  B (2x)

A              B           D          C#
Air mata yang telah jatuh membasahi bumi
F#m            F#m7-5            C#
Takkan sanggup menghapus penyesalan
A               B
Penyesalan yang kini ada
D             C#
Jadi tak berarti
F#m               F#m7-5          C#
Karena waktu yang bengis terus pergi

A        E           F#m        E
Menangislah ... bila harus menangis
        D       A      B
Karena kita semua manusia
  A               E          F#m            E
Manusia bisa terluka ... manusia pasti menangis
      D            A               B
Dan manusia pun bisa mengambil hikmah

A           B         D           C#
Di balik segala duka tersimpan hikmah
F#m       F#m7-5           C#
Yang bisa kita petik pelajaran
A           B         D            C#
Di balik segala suka tersimpan hikmah
F#m              F#m7-5        C#
Yang kan mungkin bisa jadi cobaan

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Int: A  E  F#m  E
     D  A  B
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About the artist behind Air Mata Chords:

I Dewa Gede Budjana or Dewa Budjana (born August 30, 1963 in Waikabubak) is an Indonesian guitarist, songwriter and composer. He is the lead guitarist and songwriter of the band Gigi. Budjana’s style changed dramatically to jazz as he got to know John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Jeff Beck, John Abercrombie, Chick Corea and Weather Report. In his early experience, he established a band called "Squirrell" which was popular in the local community.[1] Throughout his musical experience in Indonesia, Dewa Budjana has collaborated with many famous guitarists such as Tohpati, Ridho and Abdee Negara. His ability to combine jazz and rock has put him among the top Indonesian guitarists.

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