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Trust In Jesus Chords
verse 1
one of these days we all will stand in judgement for, every single word that we have spoken
Am                                    C                   G
one of these days we all will stand before the Lord, and give a reason for 
      Dm                    F
everything we've done, and what ive done

             C                G                    Dm  Am           F
is trust in Jesus, my Great Deliverer, my Strong Defender, the Son of God
            C               G                 Dm  Am        F
I trust in Jesus, Belssed redeemer, my Lord forever, the Holy One, 
the Holy One

Verse 2

what are you gonna do when your time has come, and your life is done, and

there's nothing you can stand on. what will you have to say at the

judgement throne, well i already know, the only thing that i can say


there's nothing i can do on my own to find forgiveness, its by his Grace

alone I trust in Jesus, trust in Jesus

(solo) Am,C,G,Dm,Am,C,Dm,F...then go into chorus.

(the ending i dont really know lol but ill figure it out eventually :) Enjoy!!! Praise God!
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About the artist behind Trust In Jesus Chords:

Third Day is a CCM band formed in Marietta, Georgia during the 1990s. The band was founded by lead singer Mac Powell and guitarist Mark Lee. The other band members are Tai Anderson (bass), and David Carr (drums). The band's name is a reference to the biblical account of Jesus rising from the dead on the third day following his crucifixion.

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