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Listen My Son Tab
As I found no tabs for songs of The Unseen Guest I decided to make them myself...timing 
be that difficult. Its always Verse--> Chorus--> Verse--> Chorus, there is no bridge.
I also attached the tabs for guitar two and the bass, as above, listen to the song for timing


Am             Am
|---x-2--------|---x-2---2-------||  x10


A                 Dm

listen...           Listen...
tell you...         twice...

F                      E

son...             my   son....
 tell...           you   once....


Verse 1:
Put one foot in front of the other
Is all I know
Before you know it youll be falling down the road

And over at the crossroad they stole the sign
So all you do is walk through a straight line

Listen, listen, my son, my son
I wont tell you twice what I cant tell you once

Verse 2:
They bypassed the route I used to take
But you cant escape the time you now make

So I find myself on the highway on my own
The median s my pathway and my home

Listen,listen, my son, my son
I wont tell you twice what I cant tell you once


Guitar 2:


Guitar 3 (bass)

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