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Rosie Chords
Note: The chord listed as B* is a chord I don't actually know the name of, but 
basically, it's an open C shape with the second fret barred, like this-



F#m              A
See the same old cloud again,

Bm             B*
Wash my hands, shake my feet

F#m       A
And yes I missed you oh,

E                                           D
Since I last saw you I fell down the rabbit hole

(It's the same in the second and third verses)


D              C         G             D           E
Rosie, well I feel your love, I don't want you to leave

D            C         G               D       E     D
You see, you can take your time, roll your stone to me, Rosie

Bridge 1:

B*                 E
Be careful with me, see I'll make you see,

B*                 E   B*  E
You ain't gotta pay for no little Rosie

Bridge 2:

C          Em    D    G
I wanted you so easily,

C        Em          D        G
Illusions passed and now I see

C           Em             D    G  D
Image is so different to reality, Rosie, oh Ro-Rosie
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About the artist behind Rosie Chords:

The Kooks (pronounced /kuːks/) are an indie rock band based in the United Kingdom. The band was formed in Brighton, England, in 2004, and currently consists of guitarist and lead vocalist Luke Pritchard, lead guitarist and back up vocalist Hugh Harris, drummer Paul Garred and temporary bassist Dan Logan, who replaced Max Rafferty in 2008. They have released two studio albums, both achieved commendable success on the UK Albums Chart, with their 2006 debut album Inside In/Inside Out peaking at #2, and their 2008 follow up Konk peaking at #1.

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