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Sugar Chords
Sugar by Garrett Gue 
capo 4
Note:  The small d chord is a regular D with the pinkie on the 4th fret of the 5th string.

D		D		Bm	
Well she feels like sugar in the evening
G			A
Sugar in the morning time
		D				D	                    Bm			
And when the sun's shining bright she'll get that feeling
G					A
A little more sugar might do just fine
		D		D			Bm
I'm talking ice cream, cinnamon rolls, an oreo shake and a diet coke
G						A
'Cus you know you gotta watch your figure
		D		D		Bm	
I'm talking brown eyes, a cute little nose, a smile that shines like the summer's snow
G		A
If this could happen
	G		A
But I know it never could
	G				A
Like I know she would taste so good
			D		D	Bm	G	A
Until the flavor fades away
	D		D
Well she stays up late

And wakes up early
		G			A
Maybe a strawberry swirly in between
D		D		Bm			G			A
'Cus everybody knows that sleep is surely overrated when you're on caffeine
	G		A
But I think this untrue
	G		A
Like I think I'm just a fool
			D		D
And the flavor fades away, fades away
	Bm					G
Like a finger paint that was left out in the rain
It fades away, 
	D		D
Fades away, fades away
	Bm					G
Like a happy smile as the clouds chase it away
	A		D		D	F#m	D	D	F#m
It fades away, fades away,  It fades away		Fades awaaaaaaaay
	G		A
And though it never could
	G			A
Believe me when I say I would

G					E		G	Gm tacit
But I never really figured how to handle goodbyes too good
		D	D	Bm	G	A
She fades away, fades away
	D		D
Fades away, fades away
	Bm				G
Like a fleeting thought of peaceful destinations
	A		D		D
Fades away,  Fades away, fades away
	Bm					G
On a westbound train with my hopes and expectations
A			D
She fades away, fades away
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