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Sleeping By Myself Chords
Played on an Ukulele with G-C-E-A Tuning

F   Dm  Am  B   C7  Eb-5 Dsus4 D   F7  G7

F             Dm                      Am
I should have known there was someone else
F             Dm        Am
Down below I always kept things to myself
        B                C7
Now I believe on nothing, not today
          Eb-5               Dsus4  D
As I move myself out of your sight
B               C7           F
I'll be sleeping by myself tonight

I could never go to no one else
The hurt don't show but who knows time will tell
I believe in nothing but the pain
And I can't see this turning out right
I'll be sleeping by myself tonight

Forever be sad and lonely
   A                 B
Forever never be the same
I close my eyes
Wait for the sign
Am I just waiting in vain?

Oh I believe in love and disaster
Sometimes the two are just the same
I'm beginning to see
What's left of me is gonne have to be free to survive
I'll be sleeping by myself...
I'll be sleeping by myself...
I'll be sleeping by myself tonight

Ruben Grimm ||

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About the artist behind Sleeping By Myself Chords:

Eddie Vedder (born December 23, 1964) is the lead singer and one of three guitarists for the rock band Pearl Jam. He is notable for his "golden baritone" vocal style,[5] and is considered a cultural icon of alternative rock.[6]

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