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Villain Chords
from the forthcoming album, Bruiser
tabbed by Doggit


Bb-A-D (10th fret)

each round
G             F
is a new start
so don't miss
G               F
my favorite part

the thrill of you
G              F
bursts like rain
and now we must part
G                 F
try to explain

oh owwwww owwwwwww

sweep aside
all the fake
that made you wait

oh here's a way
you can't get lost
don't forget to turn
next time you cross

Bb                 A
i'm a villain in love
you're a villain alone (x4)

you look to her
with all the devotion
of a sweet stray dog
all gone

don't you stare
you know it's rude
but don't be
afraid to loose

ohhhh I watch the view
from where i sit
try yourself
it won't hurt a bit

i'm a villain in love
you're a villain alone (x4)

Bb               A
and i want to follow you 
F                  G
into your sleep
Bb              A        D 
ya i want to give it a try 
   Bb                    A
well i want to, follow you
F                   G
into your dreams
Bb            A           D
ya i want to give it a try

i'm a villain in love, you're a villain alone (x4)

and i want to give it a try
well, i want to give it a try
ya i want to give it a try, ohhhh
well i want too give it a try!

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