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Wishful Thinking Chords
Why does blood turn brown when it dries
Why do the tears well up in your eyes
Why didn't I learn to ride my bike
E                                    B
When it was warm and sunny outside

Why can't little kids tie their shoes
Why can't the white people play the blues
Why can't I fall in love with you
It must be because of the seasons

B                                            E
When the leaves start falling from the trees
B                                            E
When the birds start flirting with the bees
B                                    E           E13
When the wind starts blowing from the East to the West
A                    Am                E
Maybe you'll be the one that I like best

Clouds start forming I can't complain
'Cause I think we might be in need of some rain
When it starts pouring
                        E        B
Don't hide away without me

I bought an umbrella big enough for two
But it feels pretty empty under here without you
Dry as a bone but I'm still alone
I'm so gray

B                                          E
When you're standing in a puddle with wet feet
B                                             E    E13
And your head is sore from pounding drops of sleet
B                                        E          E13
When the cold and lonely hours put your heart to the test
A                  Am               E
Maybe I'll be the one that you like best

A                 Am
If the sky can open its eyes
     E                 F#
And cry from up above
      F#m              B
Let's shed some tears of joy
              E13   E
And fall in love

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