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Private Investigations Chords
Bm/D    /   -
A/C#    /   G/B
F/A     /   B7/A
Em/G    /   Gdim
Am6/F#  /   B7

Em7                     Bm/D
   It's a mystery to me - the game commences
   For the usual fee - plus expenses
G/B                         F/A
   Confidential information - it's in a diary
B7/A                        Em/G
   This is my investigation - it's not a public inquiry

Gdim    /  Am6/F#

Em7                              Bm/D
   I go checking out the reports - digging up the dirt
   You get to meet in all sorts - in this line of work
G/B                      F/A
   Treachery and treason - there's always an excuse for it
B7/A                          Em/G
   And when I find the reason - I still can't get used to it

Gdim    /  Am6/F#
B7      /  Em     D/F#

G                        D
   And what have you got at the end of the day?
Am                   Em         D
   What have you got - to take away?
G                   C   D 
   A bottle of whisky - and a new set of lies
C                              B
   Blinds on the windows and a pain behind the eyes

Em7     /  Bm/D
Bm/D    /  A/C#
G/B     /  F/A
B7/A    /  Em/G
Edim    /  Am6
B7      /  Em

Gdim                   Am6/F#
      Scarred for life - no compensation
B7              B7/E
      Private investigations

Em7        /      Em6
Em7        /  -
Emsus4 Em7 /      Em6
Emsus4     /  Em B Em
Em7        /
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About the artist behind Private Investigations Chords:

Dire Straits were an English rock band, formed in 1977 by Mark Knopfler (guitar and vocals), his brother David Knopfler (guitar), John Illsley (bass), and Pick Withers (drums), and subsequently managed by Ed Bicknell. Although the band was formed in an era when punk rock reigned, Dire Straits worked within the conventions of classic rock, albeit with a stripped-down sound that appealed to modern audiences weary of the overproduced stadium rock of the 1970s. In their early days, Mark and David requested that pub owners turn down the amps so that patrons could converse while the band played — indicative of their unassuming demeanor. Despite this oddly self-effacing approach to rock and roll, Dire Straits soon became hugely successful, with their first album going multi-platinum globally.

The band's best-known songs include "Sultans of Swing," "Romeo and Juliet," " Tunnel of Love," "Money for Nothing," "Walk of Life" and "Brothers in Arms."

Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler have sold in excess of 118 million albums to date.[1][2]

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