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Graveyard Dancing Acoustic Chords
this is the way craig plays this song acousticly. enjoy! :D
power chords are used as the chords D and also C and E in the bridge.

no capo

Chords Used:
Am: x02210
Em: 022000
E7sus4: 021200
C: x32010
D: x57000
E: x79000

Intro: Am Em E7sus4 (x2)
     Am                   Em
The locusts took over my brain
I'm not living for you, I'm just living
So chill with your guilt
You hope for sun I want rain
        E7sus4                                                   C
We just tear down the walls in the home that our jealousy built
You're not as pretty as you maybe think that you are

It's been watching you.
     Em                  D
Your slips and slurs and play on words,
All fall from your mouth,
     Em              D                  C      E7sus4
Each mutter rolling, dripping from your tongue

My plagues begun

     Am                        Em
This thin man is starting to fade
You won't be living for long
So just fly with me, die with me
Then I'll swim while I drown
          E7sus4                                      C
They just dig up the dirt and bury us into the ground
You're not as special as you maybe think that you are


    E                                          C
Why is it I love you so much and all you do is hate, hate, hate everything
you've become?
    E                                          C
Why is it I love you so much and all you do is hate, hate, hate everything
you've become?

^(CHORUS)^ (x3)
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