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Miracle Maker Tab
Miracle Maker by Delirious

intro: Dm  A/C#  Dm  A7/C#  Bb  Gm7  F  Asus4  A 

    Dm      A/C#        Dm      A7/C# 
I'm waiting here for my life to change,  
         Bb                  Gm7           F   A 
When the waters stir you can rearrange me. 
Dm       A/C#     Dm    A7/C# 
Just one touch is all I need,  
     Bb                   Gm7            
I've nothing much but the wounds I feel,  
    F                           Asus4   A 
I'm looking for the hand of the miracle man.  
      Dm  A/C#            Dm    A7/C# 
	Holy,       you are holy,  
          Bb      Gm7    F     A 
	Who was and is and is to come.  
      Dm  A/C#            Dm    A7/C# 
	Holy,       you are holy, 
      Bb       Gm7         F                           A 
	Saviour, Healer, I'm standing at the feet of the miracle maker.  

I'm holding on, with your life in mine,  
Living water's come,  
And you've rearranged me.  

	Holy you are holy,  
	Who was and is and is to come.  
	Holy, you are holy,  
	Saviour, healer, I'm staring in the face of the miracle maker.  

Bb  Gm7  C/E  F    D/F#  Gm7  F  C/E  C  A 

Em  B/D#           Em  B7/D# 
Holy,      you are holy,  
    C       Am7    G     B 
Who was and is and is to come.  
Em  B/D#           Em  B7/D# C          Am7     
Jesus,    precious Jesus,    Thank you, Saviour,  
        G                          B 
(1) I'm walking in the shoes of my miracle maker.  
(2) I'm standing with the faith of a miracle maker 



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About the artist behind Miracle Maker Tab:

Lost and Delirious is a 2001 Canadian drama film directed by Léa Pool and loosely based on the novel The Wives Of Bath by Susan Swan. Lost and Delirious is filmed from the perspective of Mary (Mischa Barton), who observes the changing homosexual relationship between her two teenage friends, Pauline (Piper Perabo) and Victoria (Jessica Paré).

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