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Open Up The Sky Chords
Verse 1:
A                              E                  
Our beloved Father please come down and meet us
D			       A
We are waiting on Your touch
A			   E
Open up the heavens shower down Your presence
D			          A
We respond to Your great love

D				E	
We won't be satisfied with anything ordinary
D			       E
We won't be satisfied at all

A      		D		      A
Open up the sky fall down like rain
		  E		D	 A
We don't want blessings we want You
		D		      A
Open up the sky fall down like fire
		   E	 D	  A
We don't want anything but You

A  E  D  A

Verse 2:
A			E
Our beloved Jesus we just want to see You 
D			A
In the glory of Your light
A				E		
Earthly things don't matter they just fade and shatter
D				      A
When we're touched by love divine

Chorus x2

A    D  A

Bridge:  x4
Here we go let's go to the throne 
The place that we belong
D		 A
Right into His arms

Pre-Chorus  x4
Chorus x3

A  E  D  A

A				E		
Earthly things don't matter they just fade and shatter
D				      A
When we're touched by love divine

Pre-Chorus  x4
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About the artist behind Open Up The Sky Chords:

Contemporary Christian Music (or CCM; also by its religious neutral term "inspirational music") is a genre of popular music which is lyrically focused on matters concerned with the Christian faith. The term is typically used to refer to the Nashville, Tennessee-based pop, rock, and worship Christian music industry, currently represented by artists such as Aaron Shust, Amy Grant, Avalon, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Jars of Clay, Jeremy Camp, MercyMe, Michael W. Smith, Natalie Grant, Petra, Rebecca St. James, Steven Curtis Chapman, Third Day, and a host of others. The industry is represented in Billboard Magazine's "Top Christian Albums" and "Hot Christian Songs" charts,[1] and by Radio & Records magazine's Christian AC (Adult Contemporary), Christian CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio), Christian Rock, and Inspirational (INSPO) airplay charts,[2] as well as the iTunes Store's "Christian & Gospel" genre.

The term "Contemporary Christian Music" originated in the late 1960s in reference to the emerging pop and rock "Jesus music", the musical product of the Jesus Movement of the time.[3] The Mind Garage is considered the first Christian Rock band, with documentation going back to 1967 in local media and national magazines and newspapers such as The Village Voice, Billboard and Rolling Stone magazine. The Electric Liturgy (RCA Victor LSP-4319), recorded 1969 and released 1970, was the first Christian Rock album recorded in Nashville in RCA's "Nashville Sound" Studio A, on Music Row which was under the management of Chet Atken. Studio A is now a museum.

There is also a great deal of popular music which lyrically identifies with Christianity but is not normally considered Contemporary Christian Music.[3] For example, many punk, hardcore, and holy hip-hop groups deal explicitly with issues of faith but are not a part of the Nashville industry[citation needed] (e.g., Seattle-based Tooth and Nail Records). Also, several mainstream music artists sometimes deal with Christian themes in their work, such as Creed, Lifehouse, and Switchfoot, but fall outside of the CCM genre though they may receive airplay on CCM radio stations.[3]

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