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Perfumed Hair Chords
E, C#m, A, E
F#m, C#m, B

E                                C#m
Still wearing my makeup from yesterday,
A                      E
I'm a corner cutting clown.
Lower the Curtain Down
                  C#m                 B
There's no more crowds around.

E                               C#m
See Mary Jane sneaking a cigarette, 
A                     E
Like a shadow in the room.
Watching the cloud go by
                  C#m    B
Wishing that she could fly.

A             E
This is the circus
A             E
The back stage door
A          E          B
Every act I've seen before

E                          C#m
Somebody's spilling a drink on me
A                          E
Somebody claimed I saved his life
Hoping he's still alright
            C#m  B
Until tomorrow night.

E                            C#m
In through the back door in Baltimore
A                       E
From the cradle to the stage
Singing my pain away
          C#m              B
Hoping someone relates

A             E
This is the circus
A             E
The beer soaked floor
A                E            B
Come take me eyes I've seen before

But when I feel all alone
When I just don't know

A                          E
I hear your voice on the phone
A                   E               B
Saying when I come home you'll be there
You say you just can't wait
But I'll be home too late

A                     E
So when I find you asleep
A                     E
I will turn out the lights 
And kiss your perfumed hair.

A, C#m, B, A, A, C#m, B, A,

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