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I Fought The Angels Tab
Band - The Delgados
Song - I Fought the Angels
Album - Universal Audio (2004)
Guitarist - Alun
Tuning - Standard (E A D G B e)
Tabber - Sheldon Bond


The Timing changes from 4 to 2 every once in a while.
                        4    4

Strum pattern is  then quickly mute the strings with your palm.

Riff A:

Dm       Bb       F       A        A
 1 & 2e  3 & 4e   1 & 2e a3 & 4e   1 & 2e  

Riff B:

Dm       Bb       F       A
 1 & 2e  3 & 4e   1 & 2e a3 & 4e

Add C:

Add this to the end of the last riff played
 1 & 2e  

Riff A X5
Riff B X1
Riff A X1
Riff A X4 (Drums kick in)
riff B X1
Riff A X1 Add C
Riff A X2
Riff B X5
Riff A X1 Add C

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About the artist behind I Fought The Angels Tab:

The Delgados were an indie rock band who formed in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, in 1994, and disbanded in 2005.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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