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Evacuation Of The West Chords
               G                     Bm
It was on the day the cowboys were abandoned from the ranch
 C                       Em
Middle touch world as a master
      D                             Am
They rode their ponies down in the cities of gold
    C                    D
To leave them for ever after
         G               Bm
Now the sun was swollen red and old
     C                   Em
The earth it was windy, dark and cold
          D                       Am
Were the highway ends the desert takes its toll
 C               D
Sodusty, red and angry
It was a time when men died out on the praire
From not having a decent friend
    C          C/B          C/A      C/G
At nights the ghosts to the more of riders
       G                  D
Was a howl in the candid winds

G  Bm  C  C/B         C/A        C/G
              You can hear them crying
G  Bm  C      C/B     C/A          C/G 
         Good god, i think they're dying

Same chords for the rest of the song...

When them rangers down in dallas
Had all, but given it up and left
And those that hang on hoping
Was trying their best to, to forget
The way those outlaws and desperadoes
Right from the cheapest to the best
Rode in on ponies made of skin and bones
Keep up their rusty guns and went back home
And the governor was sent down from population control
And marshall all was past
Riverboat gamblers put their money on faith
For the time for hope they passed

In the cold blue light of the desert night
There was a thousand starry ships
And men came down from still i don't now where
With death on their fingertips
Now there's no more kings in texas
I swear they rounded up each and everyone
And old atlanta canastoga
Reached from the rocky mountains into the old dead sun
Now anna maria walks the blames alone
The last of a struggling people
She thinks of all those outlaws who wanted to reach for the skies
And got stuck up on a steamboat
Oh, you can hear them crying

Good god, i think they're dying
In the wind you can hear them sighing
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About the artist behind Evacuation Of The West Chords:

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen (born September 23, 1949) is an American songwriter, singer and guitarist. He has recorded and toured with the E Street Band. Springsteen is widely known for his brand of heartland rock infused with pop hooks, poetic lyrics, and Americana sentiments centered around his native New Jersey. His eloquence in expressing ordinary, everyday problems has earned him numerous awards, including eighteen Grammy Awards and an Academy Award, along with a notoriously dedicated and devoted global fan base. His most famous albums, Born to Run and Born in the U.S.A., epitomize his penchant for finding grandeur in the struggles of daily life. He has sold over 65 million albums in the U.S.[1]

Springsteen's lyrics often concern men and women struggling to make ends meet. He has gradually become identified with progressive politics. Springsteen is also noted for his support of various relief and rebuilding efforts in New Jersey and elsewhere, and for his response to the September 11, 2001 attacks, on which his album The Rising reflects.

Springsteen's recordings have tended to alternate between commercially accessible rock albums and somber folk-oriented works. Much of his iconic status stems from the concerts and marathon shows in which he and the E Street Band present intense ballads, rousing anthems, and party rock and roll songs, amongst which Springsteen intersperses long, whimsical or deeply emotional stories.

Springsteen has long had the nickname "The Boss", a term which he was initially reported to hate but now seems to have come to terms with, as he sometimes jokingly refers to himself as such on stage. The nickname originated when a young Springsteen, playing club gigs with a band in the 1960s, took on the task of collecting the band's nightly pay and distributing it amongst his bandmates.[2]

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