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Conspirador Tab
Acompanamiento o bajeo en D

E ---------------------------------------|
B ---------------------------------------|
G ---------10/9-----------------10/9-----|   x3
D ---10/12------12--------10/12------12--|
A -------------------10/12---------------|
E ---------------------------------------|

E ------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------------------------|
G -------------10----10---10-12-13-12-10----|    x1
D ------10/12----12----12----------------12-|
A -10/12------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------|


 Estuve un rato entretenido
 Estimulando la verdad
D                      F
 Pero despues de dos escalas
       G              D
 La mentira reaccion0

 La hora mas oscura de la noche
 es antes de que salga el sol
D                   F
 Manejas la teledistancia
 como un mago predador

E ------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------------------------|
G -10-9------9---9/10-9---9/10-9------------|
D ------12----12-------12-------12-10-12----|
A ------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------|

E -----------------------------|
B -----------------------------|
G -----------------------------|
D -----------------------------|
A -3----2--0-----------0-------|
E --------------3--------------|

Hey man soy el conspirador

E ------------------------------|
B ------------------------------|
G ------------------------------|
D -5-5/7-5----------------------|
A ---------7-5--3---------------|
E ------------------------------|
                  Soy el Karma...

 ...del angel vengador


------- Fin de CORO -----




D (Por un rato)

E --------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------|
G -11--11/10-11/10----10--10------------|   x3
D -----------------12---12--------10/12-|
B ---------------------------10/12------|
E --------------------------------------|

E -------------------------------------------------------|
B -------------------------------------------------------|
G -11--11/10-11/10------------10---10--10-12-13-12-10----|
D ----------------------10/12---12---12---------------12-|
B -----------------10/12---------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------------------|

D hasta fade out
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About the artist behind Conspirador Tab:

Zoe Rahman is a British jazz composer and pianist. In 1999 she won the 'Perrier Young Jazz Musician of the Year' Award. Her debut trio album, “The Cynic” was short-listed for the BBC Radio 3 jazz album of the year review in 2001. She was then nominated in the “Rising Star” category of the 2001 BBC Jazz Awards.

Her 2nd album "Melting Pot" was nominated for the 2006 Mercury Music Prize and was voted 'Jazz Album of the Year' at the 2006 Parliamentary Jazz Awards.

Described in The Observer newspaper as "one of the finest young pianists in Europe", Zoe Rahman has firmly established herself as one of the brightest stars on the contemporary jazz scene. "Melting Pot" has been hailed as "one of the most distinctive piano trio albums" (Jazzwise magazine), a "fantastic new album" (Courtney Pine, BBC Radio 2), and "in every way, an impressive sequel to her debut" (Jazz Review).

Born in Chichester, UK, Zoe studied music at Oxford University and jazz performance at Berklee College of Music, Boston, where she had lessons with the inspirational pianist Joanne Brackeen. While in America she formed her own trio, which featured bassist Joshua Davis and the renowned drummer Bob Moses.

She has been the featured artist on Radio and Television programmes such as Courtney Pine's 'Jazz Crusade' on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4's 'Women's Hour', BBC London's 'Now's the Time', Andrea Oliver's 'The Selector', Northern Broadcasting Internet Radio, Resonance FM and Julian Joseph's Jazz series for Meridian Television. She has performed live on the BBC World Service and on Radio 3's 'In Tune' and music from her Melting Pot album has also been featured on BBC Radio 3's 'Jazz Record Requests'.

Aside from working with her own groups, she continues to perform, record and tour (both in the UK and internationally) with a diverse range of other artists, most recently: Clark Tracey's New Quintet; Reem Kelani; Soothsayers; Tony Bianco; Steve Williamson; JazzXchange Dance Company; Nyika Goremsandu; Netsayi Chigwendere; Gary Boyle; Keziah Jones (2003/4 European tours); David Walcott (2003 Festival, Barbados); Mekaal Hasan (2001 tour, Pakistan). She has co-written a jazz-based theatre show 'I'm a Fool to Want You', about the French writer/musician Boris Vian, with 'Told by an Idiot' Theatre Company (UK / South American tours 2003-2005).

Other recent albums/DVDs include: Reem Kelani ‘Sprinting Gazelle’; Clark Tracey Quintet ‘The Calling’ and ‘The Mighty Sas’; Tony Bianco ‘In A Western Sense’; Gary Boyle ‘Games’; Soothsayers ‘Tangled Roots’; Brigitte Escobar ‘Brigitte’; Terry Hall/Mushtaq's ‘The Hour of Two Lights’; Keziah Jones ‘Live at the Elysee Montmartre’ DVD.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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