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Keasby Nights Chords
Here it is all you have to do is figure out the amount of times each note is strummed
and the order it should be pretty accurate. of course it's weird picking. mostly fast
in the intro, like regular chords then the rest is skank chords.

A Bm B Dm 
A Bm B Bm

A B A Bm

A Bm B Bm

A B A Bm

  A   Bm  B   Dm 

That's about it, please rate, any corrections or comments e-mail me at [email protected]

Have fun
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About the artist behind Keasby Nights Chords:

Catch 22 is the eighth studio album released by Hypocrisy in 2002. The Japanese version of the album includes a bonus track entitled, "Nowhere to Run". The band on this album said that they were influenced by some new music, especially Slipknot, which can explain the change in their sound.

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