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Seperate Lives Chords

    A                  B               E            
You called me from the room in your hotel

  C#m                                         E
all full of romance for someone that you've met

    F#m              A/B
and telling me how sorry you were

E                 E/G#              A  
  leaving so soon,     and that you miss me sometimes

            F#m                 B
when you're alone in your room

Do I     feel lonely to?

synth  piano:
E/G#       E  B/E   E   Abm7

    Cdim    E     B/E                     Am6
You have no right   to ask me how I feel

            E     B/E  E/G#                     Bsus4    A/C#
You have no right             to speak to me so kind

            Amaj7            A/B           C#m7sus4    Abm7
We can't go on,         just holding on to ties

               F#m7             B11           
Now that we're living               separate 

E  B/E  E      A/E 
1       2      3       4 

E  B/E  E      A/E 
1       2      3       4 

C#        Cdim
1    2    3    4

            E   B/E                  Am6
Well I held on,        to let you go

           E      B/E         E/G#
and if you lost your love for me

          Bsus4                C#m7sus4  Abm7 
you never let it show, ( never let it    show )

           Amaj7  A/B          C#m7sus4  Abm7
there's no way         to compromise

             F#m7             B11                 E 
so now we're living                     separate lives

A            Abm           F#m      Abm   A
Ooh, it's so typical, love leads to isola tion

       F#m7                    E/G#               
so you build that wall,                    
                    build that wa-a-all  
        Aadd9                  Bsus4          
yes you build that wall 
                    build that wa-a-all

                C#m7sus4    D7     B7sus4
and you make it stronger

            E      B/E                        Am6
You have no right        to ask me how I feel

            E     B/E  E/G#                     Bsus4    A/C#     B
You have no right            to speak to me so kind

          Amaj7             Bsus4           E     B/E   E/G#
Someday I might find myself looking in your eyes

        F#m7            Bsus4           E  
But for now we'll go on living separate lives

        F#m7     C#m7      Cdim   B6   Bsus4 
Yes for now we'll go on    living sep' rate   

C#m7 B/E  E   Amaj7          E  B/E E      A/E     
1      2      3      4       1      2      3      4   
lives                        haw  aw    aw    aaaww

..slow down slightly:
E/G#   A     Bsus4           E
1      2      3      4       1      2      3      4   
ha ha  ha ha aww       sep rate lives 

chart and transcription
Peter Kruger
[email protected]
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About the artist behind Seperate Lives Chords:

Philip David Charles Collins, LVO (born 30 January 1951 Chiswick, London)[1] is a British singer-songwriter, drummer and actor best known as the lead singer and drummer of English progressive rock group Genesis and as a Grammy and Academy Award-winning solo artist. He has also starred in numerous films.

Collins sang the lead vocals on eight American chart-toppers between 1984 and 1989; seven as a solo artist and one with Genesis. His singles, often dealing with lost love, ranged from the drum-heavy "In the Air Tonight", to the dance pop of "Sussudio", to the political statements of his most successful song, "Another Day in Paradise". His international popularity transformed Genesis from a progressive rock group to a regular on the pop charts and an early MTV mainstay. Collins' professional career began as a drummer, first with obscure rock group Flaming Youth and then more famously with Genesis. In Genesis, Collins originally supplied backing vocals for front man Peter Gabriel, singing lead on only two songs: "For Absent Friends" from 1971's Nursery Cryme album and "More Fool Me" from Selling England by the Pound, which was released in 1973. On Gabriel's departure in 1975, Collins became the group's lead singer. As the decade closed, Genesis's first international hit, "Follow You, Follow Me", demonstrated a drastic change from the band's early years. His concurrent solo career, heavily influenced by his personal life, brought both him and Genesis commercial success. According to Atlantic Records, Collins' total worldwide sales as a solo artist, as of 2002, were over 100 million.[2]

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