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Amp - Falling For You Chords
Intro: G C x4

---Verse 1---
G    C   G   C
        G    C   G   C
 whatcha doing?
G       C       G        C             G      C    G C
Can you see me here; its you that Im wooing.

    G   C    G   C
And hey, 
   G            C    G   C
where could you be?
    G     C             Bb   A               G C G C G
I wonder if you know that you belong with me.

E|--------------------5---5----3----3-3-3-----5----5-5-5---------------------| x3
      Cant    You     See       me.......

Cant     you       see            that....


                                            ...Im falling for you

Cant you see me?
The one who will be your one and only
Cant you see that Im falling for you?

G C x4

---Verse 2---
G   C  G  C
      G         C  G   C
do you doubt me?
G          C           G        C        G   C  G  C
Im pouring out my heart right here; Im begging.

    G  C  G  C
 I see, 
   G           C  G  C
Im not the guy
     G         C          G         C       G    C  G  C
that you see spending you life in perfect harmony.

      G  C  G C
 Then why 
    G          C  G  C
am I all alone?
   G        C        G      C Bb  A        
I cant go back all by myself all on my own.

G  C x4 (end with G the start chorus)


Yeah, yeah, yeah...

G  C x4

---Verse 3---
G   C  G  C 
        G      C
please believe me.
     G          C       G     C    G  C  G  C
Im trying to tell you how I feel baby.

G  C G C
         G          C  G  C
dont you understand?
     G       C    G      C       G       C  G  C
Im standing over here trying to be your man.

  G     C  G  C
Forget him, 
       G      C  G  C
hes not worth it.
            G         C           G       C      G  C  G  C
You should spend your days without all those regrets

   G   C  G  C
And hey, 
    G    C  G  C
dont worry.
    G            C      G     C     G   C  G  C
Ill treat you right as if it is my duty.

     G  C
Well hey,
        G     C  G  C
 no more worries.
G        C        G        C       Bb     A  
Now you know that Im your guy and now the rest is history.

G C x4

---Chorus (revised)--- 
This is played the same way as the version prior, but the lyrics change for the last bit.

Now you see me.
I will be your one and only.
Now you know that Ive fallen for you.

G C G x2

       C          G
Ive fallen for you.
       C          G
Ive fallen for you..
C      G
Yeah you...

on the last G strum and let ring slowly.

First tab and first song I've yeah. I hope you like it.   this link would show my band's old homepage.
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