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In Venere Veritas Chords
Note: the original tune is Fm, but I found easier to play with these chord. You 
can put barrc on I taste to have the original tune. I did it.

[intro]:  Em D
C            D             Em
Let's fall apart together now

Em                  G        C          Em
  Zipping Cupid in a body bag well-worn

Em                           C  D
Next to the Mausoleum he was born in

Em                         G         C              Em
Picking up the pieces in this gory glory of it all
From Eve to mo(u)rn

  From Eve to mo(u)rn


D        C  G
  Have no fear

                D                 (Em)
There are wounds there are not meant to heal

           D                        Bm
And they sing, in venere veritas

D         C G
  Come inside

D              Em              D            Em
Let the fire burn you alive and sing, baby , sing

               D                C             G
There are wounds that are not meant to heal at all

     D        C  G
In venere veritas


C              D               Em
  Let's fall apart toghether now

Em                                   G                   C           Em
There's a method to our sadness as we drag the mirrored ball and chain
 Em                   D
Through the twilight    again, dressed up in shame


[interlude]  D    G

We are begging for a reflection from an unshuttered heart

G                   D
To blind a chase us over the edge



C             D             Em
Let's fall apart together now

( x 2 )

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