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Knowhere Chords
Tabbed by Doug =D

Written By David Gray
From The Album "A New Day At Midnight"

Standard Tuning

Just noticed that this song wasn't on here. It's simple enough so I thought I'd jot it 
I'm sure it's correct, it certainly sounds it. Its far from my favourite David Gray song 
its all right.

Chords Used:

   G  D  Bm Gbm A  B  E

-:Verse 1:-

G           D                  Bm       Gbm
Slow voices speaking through a hurricane
G             D          Bm          Gbm
Said that I wanted but I lied
You're looking good
D         Bm             Gbm
Hey man I can't complain
G            D       A
Ghost on the road at night

-:Verse 2:-

G            D                 Bm            Gbm
Seen him out walking he's just skin and bones
G            D             Bm         Gbm
I don't see nothing in her eyes
G            D                Bm          Gbm
Some call it hell felt like a home from home
G            D         A
I'm dreaming different skies


I don't know where I
I don't know what I'm
supposed to do now
Get it on all night
I don't know where I
I don't know what I
It seems to me boy
That you're doing all right
I don't know where I
I don't know what I
Long way to go now
Keep it all inside


-:Verse 3:-

G        D      Bm           Gbm
36 hours but my mind is fresh
G            D               Bm       Gbm
Live for the moment then I'm gone
G           D            Bm           Gbm
Suck on the sympathy and feel the rush
G        D         A
Go on my blue eyed son


...Weird interlude bit...


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