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Faster Sooner Now Chords
David Gray
 Faster, Sooner, Now

(Capo 4 placed over 5 strings, leaving the high E string open)

The chord shapes are as follows:
(x = Don't play this string)

D   Dsus   Cadd9    G    Am    C     E     F
2     0      0      0     0    0     0     0
3     3      3      3     1    1     0     1
2     2      0      4     2    0     1     2
0     0      2      0     2    2     2     3
0     0      3      2     0    3     2     3
x     x      x      3     x    x     0     1

D   Dsus  Cadd9
Hey now
G                 D   Dsus  Cadd9  G
you got me by the tongue
D    Dsus9  Cadd9
I feel like
G                 D   Dsus  Cadd9  G
there's nowhere I belong
           Am         C       D
And they're working it pretty hard
           Am         C       D
And they're selling it by the yard
        Am         C       D
But it's more than I can afford
      E            F
That's all that I know

The rest of the song follows the same pattern
with the "Colder the higher you climb" line
being sung over the Am C D chord sequence.
The ending for the sone is D Dsus Cadd9 G

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