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It Aint Easy Tab
It Ain't Easy

 Asus4    Asus4    A      A       repeat
|--7-------7--------6------6-----|use the 4th finger to
|--7-------7--------7------7-----|lift on and off. For the
|0-------0--------0------0-------|"Strange things" put it on the C

When you climb to the top of the mountain, look out over the sea
Think about the places perhaps, where a young man could be
Then you jump back down to the rooftops, look out over the town      C  
Think about all of the strange things circulating round         It ain't

(Note only the bass plays the C for 1 beat on the count of 4)
|A         C   |A        C   |A         Eb    |  (Eb=xx5343) 
 easy  It ain't easy  It ain't easy to get to 

|D                 A          |A  
heaven when you're going down
 Asus4               A                   Eb        D


Lady Stardust
 A                  E

|A                |C#               |F#m               |D             |
            People stared  at  the   makeup   on   his  face

|A                |F#m              |E                 |C#            |
   Laughed at his long black hair   his   animal        grace

|F#m              |D                |A                 |C#            |
   The boy in the bright blue jeans... jumped up on the stage      and

|A                |E                |D                 |E             |
 Lady Stardust sang his  songs  of   darkness and disgrace  And he was

|A6               |E                |D                 |E             |
 al................right         the band was altogether     yes he was

|A6               |E                |D                 |E             |
 al................right         the song went on forever    yes he was

|Em               |Em#7(B+/D#)     |Em7(G/D)           |Em6(A/C#)    |
 aw...........ful nice            really quite out of sight.. and he sang

|A                |E                |D                 |E             |
 all.............. night

|D                |B                |Esus4             | E
 Ooh,   how   I  sighed  when  they asked if I knew his name

Correction by Mark
Lady Stardust - its a more sophisticated song than the others ...
A                |C#               |F#m               |D             |
A                |F#m              |E                 |Ddim - not C sharp 

Theres also something funny about your interpretation of the "awful nice" bit 
- its a simple Em descending sequence not Em to Em7 - I'm won't work out what 
the full chord names are for they will all be E's

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About the artist behind It Aint Easy Tab:

"Ashes to Ashes" is a single by David Bowie, released in 1980. It made #1 in the UK and was the first cut from the Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) album, also a #1 hit. As well as its musical qualities, it is noted for its innovative video, directed by Bowie and David Mallet. Bowie has said that with this song he was "wrapping up the seventies really for myself, and that seemed a good enough epitaph for it".[1]

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