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Change Your Mind Chords
C                F          Am        G  
Dont solve the problem when danger is bitter

C                  F             Am        G
Far away where you stock them in cages that tether

Bb           C               
And all the bridges you've burned

D                              Bb  
Leave you trapped out at all sides

            C         D                 
Now the tables do turn and its all gone whats left for you


F                             Bb          
And when the sky is falling, dont look outside the window

F                             D Bb             
Step back and here I'm calling, give up, dont take the fast road

D                                   C                                 
Its just your doubt that binds you, just drop those thoughts behind you

Bb    F          
Now, Change your mind and let go too soon

C                F               Am              G
Sit down, youre sinking, there's no one to watch you

C                F                Am             G
Skip town youre thinking, there's no one to stop you


F           Dm                C
Dont run away, stop feeling fine

Its better than your worst, your worst day

F           Dm                   C
No words to say, I'll give you mine

And pocket all the hurt, and just stay

Am        Am
Dont run away
Its better than your worst, your worst day

Chorus (Palm mute Chords)


F         D
Dont run away

C              Bb
Change your mind

And let go too soon      (x4)
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