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Follow You Down Chords
			     Follow you down - Twilight Singers
Tabbed by: ChIIph
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G  320033
D9 200233
E7 022033
C9 x32033

C9 C9

G           D9
Get the wheel, let's go for a ride-
E7                D9
if you're trouble then I'll follow
you down

C9  E7  D9 x2

G         D9            E7
last night- I saw the strangest light
I wanna see it again-

C9  E7  D9 x2

E7    D9     C9
I'm wide awake-
D9           E7  D9        C9
somebody put a gun in my face-
go ahead I said- erase.

G             D9
Get the wheel, let's go for a ride
E7                D9
if you're trouble, then I'll follow you
G             D9
last night, last night was alright-
E7                D9
I wanna see you again.

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