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Healing Begins Chords
*ORDER Verse 1,Pre-Chorus,Chorus,Verse 2,Pre-Chorus,Chorus,Bridge,Chorus*

 D D2 D D2 D D2 D D2
    (play full measures)

            D                         D2
 So you thought you had to keep this up
 All the work that you do
 So we think that you're good
          D                          D2
 And you can't believe it's not enough
 All the walls you built up
 Are just glass on the outside
 D           G    Asus 
 So let 'em fall down
         D               G       Asus        
 There's freedom waiting in the sound
           D              G          Asus             
 When you let your walls fall to the ground
                D  G  Asus
 We're here now
                D  G  Asus
 We're here now     o-oh     {2ND TIME ONLY}
 Bm                G         D     Asus
 This is where the healing begins, oh
 Bm                G       D  Asus
 This is where the healing starts
          Bm                   G          D
 When you come to where you're broken within
     Asus             Bm  G D
 The light meets the da-a-a-ark
     Asus             Bm  G D Asus
 The light meets the da-a-a-a-ark
measure of D and D2 
  D                          D2
 Afraid to let your secrets out
 Everything that you hide
 Can come crashing through the door now but
 D                           D2 
 Too scared to face all your fear
 So you hide but you find

 That the shame won't disappear
 G           D             G      
 Sparks will fly as grace collides
           Asus           G    
 With the dark inside of us
 So please don't fight
 This coming light
          Asus              G     
 Let this blood come cover us
     D               G   Asus D  G  Asus  D  G  Asus
 His blood can cover us

*End with a measure of D and D2*

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