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There And Back Again Chords
Title: There And Back Again
Artist: Daughtry

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Take, take your time
                    C     Eb
Smell the roses, but steal the vines
Don't wait for the hands of time
      Dm7                  C  Eb
To second guess and change your mind
Now shine.
Here's your moment to shine

Lay it down, my friend
Close your eyes, breathe in
   G                     Bb
And I'll tkae you there and back again
No more questions why
I'm not suprised
Why you have
  G#    Bb  Dm Ab G
Been there and back again
Replace,repeace that line
That spoke to you
   C         Eb
But showed no signs
To be alive.
So are you living or dead?
You have made a choice to hear your voice
     C                Eb
Or hold on to what they said?
 Dm                  Dm     Bb  C
Now shine, HEre's you moment to shine
 Bb C
(repeat chorus
(Do Cp: Ab-G-F-Dm)
BAck again, back again)
BAck again, back again
(repeat chorus 2x)

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About the artist behind There And Back Again Chords:

Daughtry (IPA: /ˈdoʊtriː/[4]) is an American Music Award-winning and Grammy-nominated rock band from North Carolina, formed by former American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry in 2006. Their self-titled debut album was released on November 21, 2006. The disc reached #1 for two non-consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200, outsold Idol winner Taylor Hicks' debut effort, sold more than 4 million copies and was named the number one selling album of 2007 by Billboard. Their album is also the fastest-selling debut rock album in Soundscan history.[5] The first single from the album, "It's Not Over", was the eighth most played song across all formats on U.S. radio in 2007, and their second single from the album, "Home", was the tenth most played song in the U.S. of 2007.[6]

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