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Whoops I Odd Chords
After some tooling around, I think I've created a pretty accurate chord chart for
Whoops I OD'd. Hope you enjoy.
Intro: G Em Am C (ring)  
Whoops I OD'd,   
Shortness of breath.   
         Am      C   
Call ambulance,   
Tell my wife I   
Error in judge-ment cut my life,   
          Am     C    
No second chance, no guiding light.   
        A        C         G     Em   
I never meant to cause you pain,   
        A                                   C    
I never thought I'd be the one who took the fall.   

(Let all chords ring on this part)

Em         D#aug    
I got lost in the moment,   
G/D              C#7            C7    
Assholes like to test the limit.   
Six minutes down,   
Breathing machine,   
Brain not feel right.   
The look on you 
           A   C
is killing me,   
            G      Em  
Drowning in shame 
but don't feel bad.   
Cause I   
(Let them ring again)
Em           D#aug   
never feared consequences.   
G/D               C#7            C7    
Hate regrets more than apologies.   
Bridge: G Em Am C   
           G                 Em    
A year has passed, like photographs.   
           Am   C 
My life is just    
a scrapbook of 
                A         C
old friends and faded memories.   
(let these chords ring, except for C7)
      Em                D#aug   
Looks like I pulled the rug from under myself.   
               C#7              C7   
The fall's too much for me to recover from.   
               A                  C    
It's been real fun but now I must say goodbye.   
I'll see you all at Okie Dogs,   
I'll see you all at Okie Dogs.    
Outro: C  Cm 
And that's it! Thanks for looking! You can follow me on Twitter @Frekydelic.

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