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Colourblind Chords
my 1st tab, but im sure its 100% correct, and im suuuure u all want Darius tab eh?!

INTRO- Dsus2       G6       Dsus2     G6

Feelin blue
       G6                                Dsus2
When im tryin to forget the feelin that i
Miss u
Feeling green
         G6                             Dsus2
When the jealousy swells n it wont go away
in dreams
feeling yellow
im confused inside
a lil hazy but mellow
                 G     A
when i feel ur eyes on me
feelin fine, sublime
         G                     A    D       D/F#   G    A
when that smile of urs creeps in2 my mind

D          D/F#    G        A
Nobody told me it feels so good
D          D/F#      G     A
Nobody sed you would be so beautiful
D           D/F# G        A 
nobody warned me about ur smile
         Bm           D/F#                 Em 
Ur the light, ur the light when i close my eyes
     C      D  D/F#   G  C    D  D/F#   G
im colour blind

VERSE 2 (same chords as b4)
Feeling red
When u spend all ur time with ur friends and not me 
Feeling black
When i think about all of the things that i feel
i lack
feelin jaded when its not gone rite
all the colours have faded
and i feel ur eyes on me
feeling fine, sublime
when that smile of urs creeps into my mind


Blinded by the light u shine
The colours fade completely
Blinded  by u every time
  Em              A
i feel ur smile defeat me
im colourblind
D/F#    G              C      N.C
  i jus cant deny this feeling

CHORUS (repeat)

G6-   3x0030
Bm-   x13321
Em-   022000
G-    320033
A-    x02220
D-    xx0232
D/F#- 2x0232
C-    x32010

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About the artist behind Colourblind Chords:

Darius Milhaud (IPA: [darjys mijo]) (September 4, 1892 – June 22, 1974) was a French composer and teacher. He was a member of Les Six -also known as the Groupe des Six - and one of the most prolific composers of the 20th century. His compositions are particularly noted as being influenced by jazz and for their use of polytonality (music in more than one key at once).

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