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D Sigman - Say Goodbye Chords
Lookin' out this window
C                  G
wondering what to do

Why am I so lonely
       C         G
and feeling so blue

G                   C        G
Hal-le-lujah, hallelujah, hallelu
G                   C         G
Hal-le-lujah, hallelujah, hallelu

Won't you open the door there
C             G
let me come inside

The world's full of danger
        C               G
and I need a place to hide

Sitting on the rooftop
C              G
looking down below

Thinking about tomorrow
      C           G
with no place to go

Hello sweet Jesus
       C                G
it's good to see your face

It's time to take my hand
C                 G
home to another place......

Chorus (times 2)

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