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D Sigman - Paraboles Unfolded Chords
Am                 G
Petals fall like newborn tears
Am                 G
Flooding in after all these years
Am               G
Gentle breezes blowing all around
Am                        G
Silent butterflies are spiraling down

C            G
Life is so empty
C            D
Life is so cruel
C              G
Life without Jesus
    C          Am
Is no life at all......
Am                       G
Treasures lost to the earth below
Melts my heart like fallen snow
Am                      G
Time stands still and then moves on
Am                      G
Distant memories have all been gone

Am                G
Babies cry that make no noise
Am                         G
Friends they share their fears and joys
Am              G
Quiet madness turns to dust
Am                G
Have your doubts if you must

Am                G
It rains upon us as we sleep
Am                     G
The angels sing the heavens weep
Am                     G
There is no returning to the land
Am                             G
Those earthly things where it all began

Am             G
Nature is a mys-ter-y
Am                    G
For those of us who cannot see
Am                       G
The ones whose eyes are open wide
Am                  G
Know our sins with Him have died


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