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D Sigman - Love Song To Jesus Chords
D                      A
You move my heart in such a way
       G              D
It's nothing that you do or say
It's who you are and what's inside
     G                      D
Stirring up feelings I thought had died

     C      G
H-i-i-i-s love
  C            G
Love and understanding
C               G
His mercy and grace
Have fallen upon m-e-e-e

D                              A
One touch of your hand, one gentle kiss
G                 D
Now I know what I have missed
Two together, one apart
    G                 D
I loved you from the very start


    D                         A
You've opened the door to a whole new world
       G               D
Your life in front of me unfurled
We've both suffered in the past
G                 D
With God's love we will last


D                        A
When you're not with me days are long
       G                D
When I am with you nothings wrong
I love you to the very core
    G                     D
I give nothing less and nothing more


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